You Can Always Leave: Australian Girl Triggered by American Flags…in America

Leave then…

A video went viral Tuesday where an Australian girl explained how triggered she felt while walking around the United States of America and seeing multiple American flags. She insisted that Americans should “pull back on” the flag usage and “stay humble.” God forbid Americans are proud of the free nation they live in, I guess.  

The TikToker shared her frustration with the username @meanderwithmia, but at the moment, her account doesn’t seem to exist anymore. This is likely because of the backlash she received after someone named Wilder shared her video to Twitter. 

Presently, Wilder’s repost has over three million views and has been shared all over the platform. Users on TikTok also reposted Mia’s video with their distaste.

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In the video, Mia said, “I’m just gonna say it. There are too many American flags. Like they’re on houses, they’re on cars, saw them on couch cushions,” and then added, “I don’t know who’s making these American flags, but they’d be making a bloody fortune.”  

Mia then insisted that America is the only country that hangs their nation’s flag. Well, doesn’t that just show that we’re patriotic and like our country? Why is that so bad? 

She also insisted that she barely even knows what her own country flag looks like…which sounds like Mia problem.

“I think I could draw the American flag from memory like,” Mia added later in the video. “I think I could make a bloody sculpture out of it.”

Again, where’s the problem? I could probably draw a lot of different flags from memory. Big deal.

To end the video Mia said, “It’s enough. Let’s pull back on it, okay? Let’s stay humble.”

First of all, displaying patriotism doesn’t indicate an ego. Instead, it indicates that you love your nation. Second of all, there is no “let’s,” Mia. You’re not an American. Go home. 

In response to her baseless take, Mia was blasted online.

Libs of TikTok asked, “Should we start a Gofundme to pay for her flight back to Australia?”

Turning Point USA’s Scott Presler commented similarly.

“We will happily pay for a one-way airplane ticket back to Australia,” he wrote.

The user who shared Mia’s take wrote, “My grandfather didn’t fight in WW2 for some Australian twit to say she doesn’t like all the flags. Shut the hell up.”

“Unfortunately, this girl is like many foreigners that think we are funny for honoring our flag the way we do,” another user said, ”but they also don’t have military protecting the world and their dead heroes coming home draped in the one thing that used to unite Americans our Flag.”

Ultimately, this girls whining did a whole lot of nothing. If you don’t have an American Flag hanging outside your house, use this as a reminder that you should get one and honor this great nation we live in. Let’s squash anti-Americanism once and for all.

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