Gary Busey chased and confronted by woman who says he rear-ended her in hit-and-run car crash

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A woman chased down actor Gary Busey in his car and accused him of a hit-and-run on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. She claimed he drove into the back of her car.

Busey is accused of pulling out of a shopping center in his Volvo and striking the victim’s rear bumper with the front of his car before fleeing the scene.

The woman remained nameless in reports, but Busey is under investigation for his involvement in the car crash, the New York Post reportedly confirmed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

“Sir, you hit my car, I need your information,” the woman is heard saying in a video obtained by TMZ. “Sir, you hit my car,” she continued to yell as the cars drove next to each other.

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The woman followed Busey into the parking lot of a restaurant and demanded that he hand over his information as she pointed out scuffs on the car that were allegedly from the accident.

“I want the information,” the woman told Busey. “That’s not how this works, you hit my car, you have scuffs all over your car,” she continued.

“Progressive Insurance,” Busey said.

“I want the number! I want the information, you hit my car,” the woman insisted.

“I’m private,” he replied as he got back into his car.

“It doesn’t matter! You hit me, you hit my car. No! You rear-ended me. You can’t hit someone and then leave. Yo! That’s not okay.”

The 79-year-old actor then circled around the parking lot before leaving the scene.

The sheriff’s office reported that a police report had been made but that detectives had yet to make contact with Busey. However, no charges had been filed.

“If there is an accident and it results in either an injury or property damage, that is a crime,” said TMZ reporter Michael Babcock. “He could actually face some sort of criminal action, and that’s why now the woman went to police.”

“Detectives in Los Angeles are actually investigating this alleged hit-and-run,” Babcock added.

Busey became a well-known actor after playing Buddy Holly in a biopic. He has also starred as a villain in movies such as “Under Siege,” while fulfilling a recurring role in the television show “Entourage.”

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