CNN’s Oliver Darcy LASHES OUT at NBC’s Welker for Trump Interview

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CNN’s liberal media janitor and former Brian Stelter stooge Oliver Darcy had a meltdown of sorts in his reliably liberal Reliable Sources newsletter due to Meet the Press moderator Kristen Welker daring to interview Trump during her first show as moderator. To leftists and wannabe totalitarians like Darcy, anyone who platforms Trump should be admonished. 

“NBC News spent the entire week hyping Welker as someone who ‘met the moment’ as a White House correspondent when’ power was held to account’ during Trump’s tumultuous presidency,” Darcy huffed in the opening paragraph.

“Unfortunately, Welker failed spectacularly to meet the moment during her interview with Trump,” Darcy added. 

Darcy seemed to have lost confidence in Welker due to her inability to hold Trump’s feet to the fire: “Welker seemed ill-equipped to handle Trump’s trademark bravado. Lacking any noticeable fire in her belly, she at times timidly tried to set the facts straight.”

“Trump clearly smelled weakness in the air, taking control of the interview as he ignored Welker’s hopeless — yet constant — pleas to ‘stay on track’ and continued flooding the zone with outrageous lies,” Darcy cried. 

Despite Darcy’s late night tantrum, it was Welker who needed to be fact checked and corrected. As NewsBusters previously reported, she lied to her viewers when she tried correcting Trump that Democrats don’t support late term abortions. 

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