Woke anti-gun ballad ‘Your Child My Child’ performed on ‘The View’ — and observers mercilessly mock it

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A brooding anti-gun ballad titled “Your Child My Child” was performed on “The View” earlier this week, and everything from the woke lyrics to the hippy-dippy dresses worn by singers Natasha Bedingfield and MILCK got mercilessly mocked on social media.

What are the details?

Backed by an acoustic guitar, cello, low lighting, and plenty of moody mist, Bedingfield and MILCK began singing, “When I got the call from you / It was a shot to my heart,” presumably a reference to gun violence. They continued crooning, “They say the reasons are complex / Then they change the subject / As you live with the effects / We move on and we forget.”

The chorus seemed to push a social collective mentality: “My child is your child / My pain is your pain / I know that things will change / When enough of us will say / Enough, enough, enough.”

After the song ended, left-wing co-host Whoopi Goldberg applauded with the compliant crowd, stood up, and walked up to Bedingfield and MILCK and hugged them both:

How are folks reacting?

Indeed, some folks following “The View” on social media loved the song and agreed with its sentiments. However, it appears quite a few more hopped on the show’s post and put the woke song over their collective knees:

  • “How do I get my 4 minutes back??” one user asked.
  • “Yes, now play it on repeat in every democrat city… Chicago, St.Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis,” another commenter suggested.
  • “God, this song could be used to torture people it is so bad,” another user opined.
  • “I’m gonna let you know right now, my child will NEVER be your child,” another commenter said. “Sounded more like a communist anthem.”
  • “That was one of the worst and most un-impactful songs ever written. Smh,” another user wrote.
  • “My rights > your feelings,” another commenter declared. “It is your sons! Not my guns doing the killing. Fix that first.”

Others took the singers’ clothing choices to task:

  • “The 70s want their clothes back,” another user observed.
  • “Well, at least we know where the drapes in the green room went,” one commenter noted.
  • “I can’t get enough… of guns! Who are these hippies [in these] 1969 $1 thrift store dresses?” another user inquired.

Another user hilariously lampooned the “Your Child My Child” performance by posting a video of 1960s-loving teacher McVicker from “Beavis and Butt-head Do America” singing a gentle acoustic ditty titled “Lesbian Seagull”:

Beavis and Butt-head – Lesbian Seagullyoutu.be

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