THIS indicted senator has allegedly been trading US secrets for cash, gold, and luxury cars

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is back in the news after an indictment on federal bribery charges — but he remains defiant.

Menendez believes he will be exonerated, while others are calling for his resignation.

This is not the first time Menendez’s feet have been held to the fire. Back in 2012, the senator was accused of hiring underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, but Menendez, of course, denied these allegations.

“I think that one was a little too close to home for federal prosecutors to seal the deal on that prosecution,” Keith Malinak jokes.

Now, Menendez is being accused of allegedly doing special favors for Egypt in exchange for cash, gold, and luxury vehicles.

The senator and his wife reportedly had over $480,000 in cash hidden around their house in envelopes and clothing closets, along with over $70,000 in his wife’s safety deposit box. Federal agents also reportedly discovered gold bars worth more than $100,000 in their home.

“Egypt does bribery right,” Malinak laughs.

Menendez has also been accused of selling national secrets to Egypt, providing sensitive U.S. government information, and taking other steps that secretly aided the government of Egypt.

“Why is he not being charged with treason?” Pat Gray asks. “The man’s obviously a traitor to the United States of America. Why is treason not one of the charges here?”

Malinak believes the government and even members of Menendez’s own party are going after him because his approval ratings are “underwater.”

“They realize he had a chance to lose re-election, and you can’t lose that seat; it’s too important. So, it’s time to go. It’s time to push forward with these bribery charges,” Malinak adds.

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