Did a Paid Democrat Zoomer Influencer Just Pull a Jussie Smollett?

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Fake, self-inflicted attacks blamed on MAGA domestic terrorists are all the rage with the left.

The most infamous pioneer of this genre of hoax is, of course, Jussie Smollett, who faked a late-night “American History X”-style assault on himself in downtown Chicago using his Nigerian bodyguards and then pinned it on anonymous MAGA goons who allegedly declared, “This is MAGA country!” while yelling racist and homophobic epithets at him and pouring bleach all over him.

Despite the patent, transparent absurdity of the story — a story that could only have ever come from the deranged imagination of a race-hoaxer — corporate state media ran with it, offering fawning interview after fawning interview while Smollett literally cried at the White Supremacy™ he had endured as a proud gay black man.

This year, we were treated to the Karen bike theft hoax perpetrated by an affiliate of “progressive” online media outlet The Young Turks, which I covered for PJ Media. More recently, there was the case of the suspicious alleged racialized pamphlets left for another TYT contributor, Mondale Robinson, after he toppled a war memorial honoring soldiers from numerous wars, not just Civil War confederates.

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The point is that this sort of theatre production is seemingly increasing in intensity and frequency.

I have previously covered elsewhere the effeminate, ditzy Zoomer influencer named Harry Sisson that the Democrat machine employs to lure gullible Instagram users into the party van. Now he’s alleging that domestic terrorists have issued a bomb threat to him and New York University, where he allegedly attends college when he’s not doing full-time Democrat propaganda.

Sisson posted on his Twitter/X profile:

This is a bomb threat that was sent to me, my university, and my management team. They threatened to kill me and claimed that a bomb was placed in my dorm room.

My school immediately alerted me and we knew it was fake due to the fact that I don’t live in dorms. Nobody had to be evacuated and thankfully everyone is ok.

We have no idea who sent this but police are actively investigating and working to make sure that the sender is held accountable.

So according to Sisson, NYU receives a bomb threat, doesn’t take it seriously for the sole reason that Sisson doesn’t live in the dorms, and evacuates no one, despite the fact that such an infamously risk-averse entity would be liable for untold civil and possibly criminal negligence penalties if an actual bomb went off. It all checks out so far.

Sisson goes on to make it explicitly political, despite apparently knowing nothing of the perpetrator’s true motives: “Extremism in politics is no joke. It’s become extremely common for my peers and I [sic] to receive death threats for voicing our opinions. It’s disgusting and nobody, no matter what you believe, should face threats like this.”

Sarah Fields claimed she contacted NYU’s police service, which replied that it has no record of the incident — which is weird, no?

In 2021, NYU received a similar bomb threat and immediately evacuated three of its buildings pending further investigation, according to its public safety policy.

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