Bail raised to $4 million for suspect accused of stomping, smashing car’s rear window — with kids, 2 and 5, in back seat — and pointing gun at mom, head-butting her

Bail is now $4 million for a suspect accused of stomping and smashing a car’s rear window — with kids, 2 and 5, in back seat — and pointing gun at their mother and head-butting her on a Philadelphia street Oct. 1.

A judge increased the bail for 26-year-old Cody Heron during a preliminary hearing Monday, WCAU-TV reported.

Heron remains charged with simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, the station said. Charges of terroristic threats were dismissed due to lack of evidence, WCAU reported, citing confirmation from a Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office spokesperson

Heron is scheduled for a formal arraignment Oct. 30.

What’s the background?

The DA’s office said: “Heron ran into the driver’s side door of the complainant’s vehicle while traveling with a large group of motorcycle riders through Center City,” after which video depicts “the defendant dismounting from his motorcycle and jumping onto the back of the victim’s car. Heron then kicks in the back window, spraying shattered glass all over the victim’s two children, ages two and five, who were seated in the back seat. A firearm can be seen falling from the defendant’s waistband before he retrieves the weapon and threatens the victim with it after she confronts him on the street. Heron head butts her during the confrontation before returning to his vehicle and fleeing the scene.”

Nikki Bullock, the mother in question, spoke to WCAU-TV in a separate story about the ordeal, which took place around 8:45 p.m.

Bullock told the station she was delivering food with her girlfriend and their two children when the assailant — who was riding with large group of bikers — hit her car.

“They’re not paying attention to lanes. They’re just doing whatever. So I’m turning in the lane, and he just hits the side of the car,” Bullock told WCAU, adding that she argued with the biker afterward.

She noted to the station the biker at that point took things to another level, hopping up on her car’s back bumper and stomping on the rear window before jumping high and smashing through the window with both feet. Video shows the biker getting down to the street while dropping what appears to be a gun.

As the biker picks it up, the mom exits the car to confront the biker — who responds by pointing a gun at her.

“It was just, like, it was a little gun, and at that point, my windshield was already broken — so, what was he really going to do to me, for real?” Bullock asked the station.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

She continued trying to get in the biker’s face, and the biker — who was wearing a helmet — head-butted her and shoved her.

Well, Bullock still wasn’t about to back down, and video shows her shoving the biker back — and he falls sideways along with his two-wheeled ride.

Here’s a report about the incident that aired after the suspect’s arrest but before bail hit $4 million:

Man charged after allegedly holding Philadelphia woman at

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