Mother of Mia Shem Begs Hamas to Release Her Injured Daughter after Terror Group Uses Injured Jew to Star in Propaganda Video

The mother of Mia Shem begs Hamas killers to return her daughter after they kidnapped her at the Nova Concert and used her in a propaganda video.

Hamas killers released video of 21-year-old hostage Mia Shem on Monday. Shem was kidnapped by the Hamas killers at the Nova concert in southern Israel on October 7.

In the propaganda video released by Hamas, Shem says Hamas performed surgery on her arm – an obvious injury during their slaughter of Jewish kids at a concert. Mia Shem said she was being treated well by the terror group in the hostage video.

The mother of Mia Shem begged for her daughter’s return in a report posted on Bring Them Home Now social media page.

From the report:

The mother pleaded, “I implore all world leaders to bring back my daughter.”

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum held a press conference on Tuesday, October 17, at the Museum Tower in Tel Aviv. The participants included Mia’s family, Yaacov Peri, the former Head of the Israeli Security Agency and a member of the Forum’s Negotiations Team, and Prof. Hagai Levin, Head of the Forum’s Medical Committee. They all expressed deep concern for the medical condition of the hostages following the video published the previous day.

The family is reaching out to world leaders and urging Mia’s release to provide her with the urgently needed medical treatment. Mia’s mother stated, “Until I saw the video, I had no idea whether my daughter is alive or dead. The video offers a glimmer of hope for Mia and the other hostages, but she remains wounded, hurt, and extremely frightened. I worry about her. It’s evident that she is repeating what she’s being told to say. I implore all world leaders to bring my baby back.”

The Head of the Forum’s Medical Team, Prof. Hagai Levin, emphasized, “Hamas must immediately provide updates on the medical condition and details of all hostages. Based on the information we have, there are more wounded and sick hostages at various levels, with some in critical condition.”

Mia’s elder brother, Ilay, also addressed world leaders: “Our sole purpose in standing here is to bring Mia and all hostages back home. Mia went to a party, and now she’s wounded and far away. We simply want her back home.” Ori, her other brother, added, “She appears frightened, but she’s alive. We have faith in our government and world leaders to do everything in their power to bring her home.”

Hamas continues to commit war crimes on a daily basis with their constant missile fire on civilian populations and abuse of their over 200 Jewish hostages.

Pray for Israel, the Jewish hostages, and the people of Gaza

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