Viral video shows New Yorker berating man who ripped down flyers of Hamas terror victims

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A video showing a New Yorker confront and berate a man for tearing down Hamas terror victim flyers has gone mega-viral on social media.

Flyers showing the victims of the horrific attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel have become a political battleground after anti-Israel critics have taken to destroying them.

The video was posted on social media and quickly garnered millions of views.

The video shows the man ripping down the flyers while another person questions him while recording on his cellphone.

A second scene shows a third man confronting him.

“I’m not f***ing Jewish. He’s not Jewish. I don’t know if he is or not — doesn’t f***in’ matter!” he said.

“This is f***ing the U.S., New York City! You don’t have a f***ing right to touch that s***!” he added.

“It’s a free country, you can wave your Palestine flag and say death to the Jews or America or whatever you want! But we can put up f***ing signs!”

The man appeared to protest that he’d done nothing wrong.

“Then don’t rip that down! You are doing something. You’re offending us! Motherf***er!” he responded.

“Move the f*** on!” he yelled in the man’s face. “You have proof they’re not kidnapped? No! So shut the f*** up!”

The New Yorker’s vulgar but passionate explanation of free speech rights in America won a lot of support on social media.

“A great American!” responded former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“They’re always cowards when confronted,” wrote actor Dean Cain.

“See, now *that’s* the NYC brand I was told about growing up,” replied columnist Becket Adams.

In a separate incident in Florida, a dentist lost his job after a cellphone video showed him ripping down similar flyers. The man, who is a Muslim originally from Lebanon, claimed that he was trying to help by taking down flyers he believed were divisive.

Here’s more about the terror flyer feud:

Miami dentist speaks out after viral video of torn down

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