‘It’s not a yes-or-no question’: American Professor REFUSES to condemn terrorism

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A professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst was asked at a student rally whether or not she condemns terrorism. Not whether she supports Israel, Palestine, or a ceasefire — just whether or not she denounces the act of terrorism.

“Will you condemn terrorism?” a student asked, while another followed with, “Do you think the Hamas attack was terrorism to begin with?”

Simple questions.

Her response, however, was anything but simple.

“Reality all begins on when you start the clock, right? And so if you start the clock on Saturday, reality is going to look one way. If you start the clock, you know, in, like, the weeks prior, it’s going to sound a different way,” she said.

Uh huh … sure.

“You’re a professor; will you condemn terrorism?” one of the students asked again.

“It’s not a yes-or-no question,” she retorted.

“Somebody that walks into an innocent family’s house and guns them down, rapes the children, kidnaps people — I don’t care when you start the clock — that’s terrorism, period,” fires Glenn Beck.

Even Hillary Clinton seems to understand that. At a recent panel discussion, she stated, “People who are calling for a ceasefire now don’t understand Hamas.”

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