Jewish Actress Mayim Bialik: ‘Living in a Nightmare That We Cannot Wake Up From’

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Mayim Bailik,  the Jewish actress who’s starred in things like The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, posted a video on her Instagram Saturday, condemning those who do not oppose the attack on innocent Israeli lives. 

Bialik is a religious Jew and has been vocal about pushing back against the attack on Jews in Israel. She was one of the actresses who signed the letter written to President Joe Biden last week calling for him to “not rest” until the hostages held by Hamas were released. 

In Saturday’s unscripted video, Bialik asked her viewers to listen and try to understand what their Jewish friends are feeling. 

“Imagine if there was a massacre of an ethnic group or of a religious group, the equivalent of 50,000 Americans. And imagine if what happened after that was that all over the world, there were marches of tens of thousands of people calling for further massacre,” she said towards the start of her video. 

That really puts it into perspective. Israeli people are being kidnapped, raped, and slaughtered and people, even here in America, are calling for more of it. They’re calling for more kids to be butchered, for more babies to be decapitated and worse, and people and institutions are allowing that sentiment to flourish.

As example: Harvard University created a “task force” to help students who are facing backlash from supporting Hamas. Supposedly they’re calling the backlash on their support for terrorists a breach of “free speech.” People in the streets of D.C. are rallying for “Pro-Palestine” events and called Hamas’ attack on Israel “justified.” People from the University of Washington Seattle openly admitted they “don’t want Israel to exist.” Others are flying flags through Pro-Palestine rallies and numerous groups and individuals have outwardly displayed their support of the mass genocide against the people of Israel in other ways.

That’s exactly what Bialik is talking about in her video. 

“I have heard from many people my whole life [that] anti-semitism is growing,” she continued. “The Holocaust, while we say we will never forget, many have forgotten and the swiftness with which the global population has seized upon the massacre of Jewish civilians living inside of a border, the swiftness with which the world has stepped up to redefine terrorism, to redefine statehood, to redefine the right of a people to exist, nothing has prepared me, or any of us for this.”

Bialik noted how “alive and well” anti-Semitism is. She pointed out how at her alma mater, the Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, pro-Hamas rally-goers shouted things like “we want Jewish Genocide.” Then she noted, “there is no excuse for calling for a genocide for an entire people. Period. Full stop.”

She went on to express how her 18-year-old son is looking for colleges to attend and many of the choices on his list or his friends lists are for universities that, “cannot find a way to unanimously, undeniably, irrevocably, denounce any organization that celebrates the massacre of Jewish people.” 

She called out these universities for neglecting to say that organizations that call for genocide of Jewish people should not receive university government funding. Bialik also said the following:

Homes very close to mine are being threatened because of Mezuzah’s on the door. Jewish stars are being painted on Jewish homes all over the world. Is this the moment that anti-Zionists have been waiting for? The moment when the entire world bans against the Jewish people? I’m no longer afraid to draw comparisons to the global attempt at an elimination of the Jewish people which my grandparents escaped Eastern Europe to flee.

Bialik, while getting choked up, explained how disappointed she was in the devastating “lack of humanity.”

“What did you think de-colonialism would look like,” Bialik asked. “I did not think it would look like decapitated babies and disemboweled humans and raped women being paraded around the streets while thousands cheer,” she said.

“I didn’t think it looked like tens of thousands of people marching in solidarity with the actions of a terrorist organization whose sole purpose is to eliminate not the Jewish state but the Jewish people,” she added. 

In her conclusion, Bialik noted how she was scared to send her child to college because of how anti-Semitic our nation has become and how pro-terrorist groups are thriving adding,  “I won’t apologize for expressing what I’m going through, what so many of us are going through. We are looking for moments of joy, I’m looking for distraction but it feels like a nightmare that we cannot wake up from right now.”

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  1. my parents came lithuania, when my grandmother and 2 auntys where murdered by the german and lithuanien nazis. my fathers brother was also murdered by the same individuals. my parents went to cuba where my brother and I were born. then we came to the usa where my brother was born. I wernt to israel twice. i have cousins there and would not hesitate to make aliya there if things got dicey here. My family comes first.

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