Netanyahu Succinctly Explains Things to the Low-Info Ceasefire Idiots

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Unlike its close ally the United States of America, Israel is not suffering from a lack of backbone or clarity at the top. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not gladly suffer fools who offer opinions on the role his country should play in fostering peace in the Middle East, especially when those fools aren’t the ones getting shot at, raped, or bombed. 


The aforementioned close ally has been flooded with protesters who are demanding a ceasefire and caterwauling about Israelis being at fault for being the victims of all of the shooting, raping, and bombing. Most of the protesters are young people who have been taught fictional history by commie, America-hating academics. 

The logic of their position disintegrates under any rational scrutiny. Luckily for most of them, they inhabit college campuses and/or very blue cities, so they’re immune to things like logic and rationality. 

Netanyahu made some remarks on Monday that reiterated his position and, with an economy of words, simplified things for the frothing “Ceasefire!” hordes he’s rebutting. 

The Wall Street Journal

Netanyahu ruled out a ceasefire with Hamas, amid negotiations at the United Nations over a draft resolution calling for a pause in the conflict to allow civilian aid to be delivered to civilians in Gaza. “Calls for a ceasefire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism. That will not happen,” he said.

Those lobbying for a ceasefire are operating on the utterly fantastical premise that Hamas will behave in a responsible, non-terrorist manner if Israel merely agrees to let its guard down. They also believe that there is a distinction between the average Palestinian in Gaza and Hamas. 


As I said, fantastical. 

It takes a special blend of naivete and ignorance to believe that the same hate-fueled organization that committed the atrocities of October 7 will suddenly become civilized and peaceful. This applies to the university students who make up the majority of the protesters in the United States. 

The academics who are egging them on, however, are simply anti-Semitic supporters of terrorism. They know full well that Hamas and the poor, pitiful “Palestinians” who support them will quickly return to their slaughtering ways if Israel lets up even a little. 

Fortunately for the Israeli people, their prime minister knows that too. 

Unfortunately for the Israeli people, in lieu of a real president, the United States is currently being run by a reflexively commie cabal that is Team Terrorists at its core. The cabal occasionally sends drooling puppet President LOLEightyonemillion out in front of cameras to pretend that he and they are still friends of Israel. 

They also do things like send Biden to Israel to cut a check for Hamas/Gaza

Although they can’t say anything publicly, Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders know that, because America has a weak and addled leftist in the White House, they’re more alone than ever. 


That will no doubt make them far less likely to see how things might go if they succumb to the insane pressure of the New World Order leftists. 

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