Rose McGowan: Sorry I ‘freaked out’ about Iran


As Karen pointed out earlier, actress Rose McGowan reacted to the strike on Soleimani with a pathetic tweet begging Iran’s forgiveness and claiming Americans were “being held hostage by a terrorist regime.” “Please do not kill us,” she concluded. After that tweet, she spent the next half hour slowly crawling away from her statement:

“F**k your freedom” could be the unofficial mantra of the far left. Rose continued to say the quiet part out loud:

She wrapped up her rant after about an hour with this:

This morning, McGowan offered an apology of sorts for freaking out.

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Just a thought but if you really respect “brave soldiers” maybe stop reacting like a coward in public? That is definitely not what they fought for. Anyway, what she said in that initial tweet went beyond freaking out on Trump:

There are a lot more tweets like this but Twitter is now doing that thing that prevents you from seeing more than three of them.

I don’t think Rose McGowan is a coward, at least not in her personal life. She’s gone though some genuinely horrible experiences including having one of the most powerful men in her industry (allegedly, but I believe her) rape her. Harvey Weinstein then paid spies to befriend her and lie to her in order to gather information about the book she was writing. Very few people have to deal with professional spies carrying out black ops in their personal lives. Rose McGowan did and despite that she refused to knuckle under or cower under a bed. She even called out Hollywood’s “faux liberals” last year saying Trump’s supporters were basically right about them: “They hate Hollywood for being faux liberals. They’re 100 percent right about that.”

So I honestly don’t get how you go from writing a book called “Brave” and taking on your own industry to a tweet that reads, “Please don’t kill us.” It’s about as off brand as McGowan could get. If nothing else, some level of self-awareness should have kicked in before she started typing.

America just killed one of the world’s leading terrorists and now the Iranian theocracy wants to make us pay for doing so. That’s serious but you don’t have to be pro-war to know that nothing good ever comes from retreating into panic or suggesting others do so.

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