The Morning Briefing: Idiot King Obama Tries to Take Credit for Trump’s Economy


The Return of the Paste-Eating Lightbringer

President Momjeans decided to insert himself back into the conversation yesterday (which Megan wrote about here) and I have no doubt that he thought he was being brilliant. He does, after all, believe everything that he does is brilliant.

The Trump economy took off upward about an hour after he was sworn in three years ago and has been chugging along quite nicely ever since. Because every Democrat in America moved into an alternate reality in January, 2009, they have been insisting that all of this economic goodness is just really the magic touch of Obama reaching across time.

It isn’t surprising that the Lightbringer’s devotees need to tell themselves this story, because the economic reality when he was in office was pretty dismal:

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On almost every measure examined, the 2009-15 recovery since the recession ended in June of 2009 has been the meekest in more than 50 years.

Obama’s tweet on Monday was extraordinarily arrogant, even for a guy whose entire career has been based on undeserved smugness. The only thing out of character was the fact that it may have been the first self-congratulatory picture that he’s ever shared on social media that didn’t have his face in it.

Here it is, complete with my rather indelicate reply:

Our sister site Twitchy used that response of mine to inspire the headline for this post, which features several more choice reactions to Obama’s nonsense.

Naturally, President Trump didn’t let this pass without comment.

Perhaps one day historians won’t merely be leftist hack academics and a truthful accounting will be given of the overwhelming economic and foreign policy failures of the Obama years. For the near future we are going to suffer through largely fictionalized accounts of his “accomplishments.”

Which he will no doubt keep sharing with us in that oblivious, irony-free way of his.


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