Trump’s Capitol Atrocity


I generally try to confine my Bench Memos posts to judicial topics, but in light of the severe gravity of the Capitol attack I think it important to make an exception here and to restate positions that I have vigorously stated on Twitter. Briefly put:

1. The MAGA attack on the Capitol was an outrage that ought to have every genuinely patriotic American seething with anger.

2. Donald Trump bears grave moral and political responsibility for inciting the attack.

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3. Impeachment and conviction of Trump is an appropriate, and probably a necessary, response.

4. As I have repeatedly observed since the election, Trump’s claims of outcome-altering fraud rest on an ever-changing series of ludicrous assertions. It has been sad to see so many people duped by his claims.

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  1. This is true left wing BS crap.

    – Responsibility; Trump is no more responsible for the riot as this steaming pile of words is responsible for a Pulitzer Prize.

    – As for impeachment; it is a continuing waste time, money, and energy that should be spent performing lawmaking functions. It’s just political retribution for Queen Hillary losing the election. Congress, get over the loss and do your job!

    – Election fraud claims; who knows if they are true or not since no one wants to investigate the allegations.

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