Biden Admin Still Trying to Locate 20 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses


The Biden Administration doesn’t know where 20 million Covid-19 vaccine doses are currently located.

Biden’s team of inept DC losers have actually admitted their 200-page Covid response plan wasn’t robust enough and now they’re trying to temper the public’s expectations.

They’re also blaming Donald Trump for their failures.

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Joe Biden last week said Trump’s “vaccine program is in worse shape than we anticipated or expected” and his corrupt chief of staff Ron Klain laughably claimed a “plan didn’t really exist.”

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The Biden Admin cannot track upwards of 20 million Covid-19 vaccine doses sent out to states.

The CDC said it has sent nearly 50 million vaccine doses to states, but only 31 million have been administered to people.

The states are in charge of keeping track of their vaccines, but the Biden Admin is working to locate the 20 million unused doses.

Politico reported:

[Biden’s] team arrived at the White House with a 200-page response plan ready to roll out. But instead, they have spent much of the last week trying to wrap their hands around the mushrooming crisis — a process officials acknowledge has been humbling, and triggered a concerted effort to temper expectations about how quickly they might get the nation back to normal.

After a week on the job, Biden’s team is still trying to locate upwards of 20 million vaccine doses that have been sent to states — a mystery that has hampered plans to speed up the national vaccination effort. They’re searching for new ways to boost production of a vaccine stockpile that they’ve discovered is mostly empty. And they’re nervously eyeing a series of new Covid-19 strains that threaten to derail the response.

“It’s the Mike Tyson quote: ‘Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth,’” said one person with knowledge of the vaccine effort who’s not authorized to discuss the work. “They are planning. They are competent. It’s just the weight of everything when you sit down in that chair. It’s heavy.”

The Biden Admin inherited Trump’s vaccination program already meeting their target of 100 million shots in 100 days.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he will use the Defense Production Act to speed up vaccinations — but Trump used the DPA repeatedly.

Joe Biden refuses to answer questions about his vaccine plan.

In fact, last week one reporter shouted a question asking about Biden’s vaccine plan and Biden bit his head off, “Come on, man! Give me a break!”

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