VIDEO: Jim Acosta confronted at CPAC over CNN’s coverage of Gov. Cuomo’s scandals

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta was confronted at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over his network’s coverage of the scandals besieging Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The exchange was captured on video by Acosta’s interlocutor, David Marcus, who is a columnist for The Federalist.

“Hey, Jim, I’m David Marcus from The Federalist, when are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?” Marcus said, interrupting a separate interview with Acosta.

“I’m conducting an interview,” replied Acosta.

“When are you guys gonna start covering Cuomo?” asked Marcus.

Acosta said that CNN did cover the stories, but Marcus continued to pepper him with questions.

“He killed ten thousand people and he’s accused of sexual assault, and you guys want to talk about [Sen.] Ted Cruz (R-Texas),” said Marcus.

Acosta offered to talk to Marcus after his interview was completed, yet Marcus persisted.

“Sir, let me just finish this interview and then I’ll talk to you,” said Acosta.

“No!” replied Marcus. “When are you gonna start covering it Jim? When is CNN gonna deal with Cuomo?”

“We are covering it,” responded Acosta.

“No you’re not, you’re not!” said Marcus.

“Well, OK, we agree to disagree!” replied Acosta.

“No, we don’t agree to disagree,” said Marcus disagreeably. “You’re not covering Cuomo!”

Marcus went on to accost him on whether he had any statement about Gov. Cuomo, but he declined.

Here’s the video of the interrogation of Acosta:

Other video from the convention showed attendees surrounding Acosta and chanting, “CNN sucks!” at him.

Marcus later told The Hill that Acosta should have expected that he would face some criticism at such a conference.

“The dude walked into the lion’s den,” Marcus said. “That’s clearly what he was doing here. And when you walk into the lion’s den sometimes you gotta face the lion.”

Marcus also appeared annoyed at how he was characterized in reporting of the incident.

“I’m not a f***ing reporter. I’m a columnist,” he tweeted.

Former president Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the event on Sunday evening.

Here’s more from Jim Acosta at CPAC:

Acosta corrects CPAC organizer: Trump did lose the election

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  1. Acosta is a talking head at best and a willing stooge at worst. He’s the Joy Reid of biological males. Who cares what he says or does?

  2. Interesting. Isn’t that the same tactics he used on Trump. I guess turnabout is fair play, unless you’re the one being played

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