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It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve been “allowed” to go mask-free and I’m still loving it.

No more fogged-up glasses… no more having to turn around and go back to my car because I forgot my mask… no more trouble breathing in the hot weather…

Seriously, how did we go a full year wearing those stupid things?

While the novelty of going maskless is gradually fading, my curiosity about those who still wear their masks has been piqued—especially today when I happened to find myself behind someone who was double-masked in the check-out line of the supermarket.

Seriously? What the hell, lady?

I heard of people double masking, and I’ve even seen COVID-19 virtue-signallers post double-masking selfies on social media, but I’d never actually seen a double-masker in the wild—at least not where I noticed.

And yet I couldn’t help wondering, was this person not vaccinated yet? To put it delicately, this person was in a “high priority” group for getting vaccinated, so I found it hard to believe that she hasn’t been able to get vaccinated yet if she didn’t want to. But, hey, maybe she hasn’t, for various reasons that I can’t understand. But, still, generally speaking, a majority of people I encounter in public are still wearing masks… which I find bizarre.

Most reports will tell you that many people who aren’t getting vaccinated are Trump voters… which also happens to be the group most likely not to want to wear a mask.

So, who are these people still wearing masks?

While it would be easy to conclude that these people just simply haven’t been vaccinated yet, there appears to be something else going on. The number of new vaccinations is actually trending downward—which it has been ever since the Biden administration stupidly paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—but that’s another story for another time.

So, despite the incentive to get vaccinated, there’s basically been no surge in vaccinations. Have the people who want to be vaccinated pretty much already gotten their shots? If that’s the case, why aren’t more people ditching the masks? Do these people enjoy living in fear and being stuck behind pointless pieces of cloth throughout the day? Are they just virtue-signaling their “good citizenship?” I suspect a significant number of people who are still wearing masks when they don’t have to are actually fully vaccinated. In a bizarre way, it makes sense. The people most afraid of COVID-19 would be the first in line to get vaccinated, and the ones most likely to continue wearing masks despite no longer needing to. Maybe it’s not a plurality of people, but it’s enough—enough to tell the government how easy it is to manipulate and control people.

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