SHOWDOWN: Indiana Recruits Chicago Cops Disgruntled By Lori Lightfoot’s Covid Vaccine Mandate


Indiana is recruiting Chicago police officers disgruntled by Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Covid vaccine mandate.

As TGP reported, Chicago upped its battle with police officers over the mandated COVID vaccine, issuing a statement Sunday night threatening the retirement benefits of officers who opt to retire from the force rather than submit to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s COVID vaccine mandate and reporting system.

Lightfoot ordered back in August that all city employees must be vaccinated by October 15. The deadline was later modified, after objections by the police union, to the end of the year but with a proviso that unvaccinated workers submit to twice-weekly testing at their own expense. All workers must report their vaccine status through an online portal starting this Friday or face being put on no-pay status.

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Last week John Catanzara, the head of Chicago’s police union, advised police officers NOT to comply with the city’s COVID-19 mandatory vaccine and reporting requirements.

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Catanzara told fellow officers to openly defy Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s vaccine deadline.

“Hey Chicago Police Officers, we’re hiring! No vaccine mandate. Apply today….Lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities.” – Indiana State Police said.

US Senator Mike Braun said he would help connect Chicago police officers to an Indiana police department.

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  1. Hurray for Indiana! Chicago is going to become a killing field. Anyone who doesn’t know that must be living in a cave – or a liberal!
    BTW; Just look at that – being – Lurid Lightfart! What planet is it from?

  2. Reminds me of what AZ did. When a cop straight up blasted an anti-cop sports player (can’t recall the player’s name). Arizona straight up said “If you need work, we’ve got positions!”

    And that’s what’ll happen. States that treat their employees poorly will soon find that these same employees will go to other states that treat them well.

    And right now, many blue states are treating cops as being little more than uniformed thugs. So yeah, that’ll drive them away from the blue state into places where they’re treated like actual LEOs!

  3. There will be some “pain” associated with patriotic Americans taking OUR country back from the anti-American democrat haters of this country, but that “pain” will be short lived in the long run!

    It is time for dictator wannabees like the boot lip mayor of Chicongo to realize they are not our masters!

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