Why Is President Biden Going to Georgia Tomorrow?

Alabama Crimson Tide running back Josh Jacobs runs against Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Roquan Smith during the NCAA college football championship game, January 8, 2018. (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

Joe Biden is going to Georgia tomorrow to sell his “voting rights” agenda.


The associated bills can’t pass. The “For the People Act” is opposed by Joe Manchin, which gives it at most 49 votes in the Senate. The rest of the “voting rights” agenda is supported by 50 senators, but not by 60, which, given that neither Joe Manchin nor Kyrsten Sinema wish to abolish the filibuster, means that it cannot pass. And, as Punchbowl News noted on Friday, Democrats already “appear to be moving on” to new projects. As a result, Biden is on course to “elevate a fight” that he is “going to lose.”

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