Glenn Beck: Here’s why we must ABOLISH the Department of Education NOW

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2021 was a turning point for public education in America. Remote learning revealed to parents what public schools were force-feeding their kids — everything from critical race theory to the existence of infinite genders — while performance in subjects like math and reading fell across the board.

Now, school boards and teachers’ unions are facing a tidal wave of parents who want to take the reins back. But school wasn’t always like this. Glenn Beck takes us back to a time before the Department of Education and asks the question: “Are our schools getting better or worse?”

American Federation for Children senior fellow Corey DeAngelis joins to expose who’s actually benefitting from our public school system — and it’s not our kids. And former Secretary of Education under President Trump Betsy DeVos explains why it’s time to abolish the department she once headed, what stopped her from doing so, and how parents can make a big difference.

Watch the full episode of “Glenn TV” below:

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