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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced that he suspended state prosecutor Andrew Warren from his job, using police force to do it, because Warren was jabbering nonstop about not enforcing Florida’s laws based on his own subjective opinions about what is constitutional and what isn’t. That’s not how any of this works in America, and Warren found that out the hard way. In fact, the governor has the right to remove any state official who neglects his duties under the law. Warren might have escaped this fate if all he had done was talk about breaking state law without actually doing it. But unfortunately for him, he put it in writing.

Already, Big Media is claiming that DeSantis’s move to remove Warren is “unprecedented” and “illegal.” It’s neither. What the media has failed to tell anyone is what Warren actually did to deserve this hilarious removal from his office where officers handed him a box and told him to pack up his personal items quickly. (Sources say Warren was “loud and angry” on the way out. ROFL)

Warren actually was the only prosecutor in Florida to sign his name to an open letter promising to flout the legislature on abortion law and any laws it might make restricting doctors from performing harmful gender surgeries on children. DeSantis signed an executive order that has all the details, not that Big Media would ever share those with you, but we will.

“We pledge to use our discretion and not promote the criminalization ” of slicing up the genitals of children, said the letter. Well, okay, not exactly. It called the mutilation of children’s genitalia — which is a necessary rite of the gender cult — “gender-affirming healthcare.” But it will be a cold day in Hell before I use that misleading language to discuss the removal of healthy breasts from 12-year-old girls, the heinous reshaping of leg skin into phallus-shaped useless appendages, or the removal of testicles and penises from healthy boys — all of which lead to loss of sensation, difficulty urinating, loss of sexual function, and sterilization. But that’s the world Andrew Warren wants: a world where doctors possessed by the spirit of Josef Mengele can experiment on mentally ill children without consequence. No, sir. Not in red-state America, you don’t. (Or at least not in Florida, where legislators are even now — spurred on by DeSantis’s fearlessness — working on a bill to criminalize such medical experimentation.)

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Warren signed a similar statement promising to flout Florida’s abortion laws too. Who does this guy think he is? The tenth Supreme Court Justice? His subjective opinions on what’s constitutional or not are as meaningless as those of a bum on the street. He doesn’t possess the authority to declare laws invalid or unenforceable. But he sure didn’t count on Heavy D getting serious and doing something about it, did he? In the words of Uncle Roger [laguage warning]:

Republicans are so spineless and so historically mushy that it comes as a shock to the whole system when one of them shows any testicular fortitude. When DeSantis had Warren thrown out on his head, the whole left wing and their media lackeys went absolutely nuts. How can he do this? This isn’t normal! This isn’t right! How DARE he? 

Well, he dared because it’s his job. He dared because he’s the only Republican in America right now standing up to the left. This is how you win. You make these people accountable to the law. Period. You don’t get on Twitter and just whine about how the left trounces you all day long. You FIGHT BACK. DeSantis is the only hope we have left. If science was useful anymore, they’d stop all that gain of function horror and just start trying to clone Ron DeSantis. We need one of him in every state!

On Tucker Carlson, DeSantis revealed that Warren was shown to be selectively prosecuting some crimes but not others for a while now. The left’s strategy, because they can’t win with the voters when it comes to their stupid and dangerous ideas, is to go through the back door and subvert the voting process. So we can’t get our laws passed, but we can get radical prosecutors elected with Soros funding who choose not to prosecute the laws we hate. Brilliant!

That little plan of yours isn’t going to work, lefties. Not when this is still a country with laws, and any governor willing to enforce those laws can literally just fire rogue prosecutors and toss them out on the curb with their little box of personal items. Now that DeSantis has shown how to do it, will anyone else follow? The gender clinics we really need would enhance the rest of the GOP governors’ balls into huge brass ones like DeSantis’s. #TeamBalls

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