‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #49: How Many Attractive Italian Women Does It Take to Trigger a Democrat?

(Reminder: Every episode is now in the Unwoke section of our new podcast page. I’ll still be doing teaser blurb posts in Columns as reminders that new episodes are up.)

So much going on as we head into the fall. The thing we were most excited about this past week is Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni. She’s bold, conservative, and rather attractive. The Dems here aren’t taking it well.


As is our wont, we wander afield a bit, but we do make it back to the planned topics. One of the tangents gave me an opportunity to recommend two of my all-time favorite political books.

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It looks like election predictions are going to be a weekly thing. Last week Kevin said you should listen to us because comedians know how to read a room.

No pressure.


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