Woman who had photos of serial killers on her wall allegedly stabs sleeping boyfriend 22 times, shows friend the body in a video call

A British woman with a penchant for serial killers allegedly stabbed her sleeping boyfriend 22 times after discovering he was messaging another girl, according to the Daily Mail.

Shaye Groves, 27, had portraits of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer on her wall, as well as a series of collectible knives from horror movie villains. Commemorative knives featuring Chucky, Jigsaw (from the “Saw” movies) and Pennywise (“It”) hung alongside two axes on Groves’ wall. Groves was also said to carry a knife and enjoyed using knives in her sexual activities.

The mother of one, who denies she is guilty of murder, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, Frankie Fitzgerald, creating a false alibi in which she texted her friend early in the morning to say that Fitzgerald had left her home. She was allegedly inspired by true crime documentaries.

Groves called a friend to carry out a “very normal conversation” in which she was “giggling” as they discussed their weekends. Subsequently she started a video call and went upstairs to show her friend the body, saying, “I’ve done him.”

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The friend assumed the couple was playing a prank on her, so Groves showed her the corpse wrapped in a duvet before giving a close-up on the gaping knife wound.

“Groves got really close to the wound. … I don’t think I had really grasped what happened earlier. The gash was so deep — it was enormous,” the friend told the court.

Groves “calmly” told the court that she went through her boyfriend’s phone and discovered that he was messaging a “teenage girl.” Despite Groves’ claim that she acted in self-defense, the friend testified that Fitzgerald was asleep.

“She wasn’t even in danger. I could understand if he was attacking her, but she told me he was asleep and he couldn’t even fight back,” the witness recalled.

Fitzgerald suffered 19 stab wounds to the chest and three to the neck.

Upon arrival of police, Groves reportedly said, “I was going to call you myself. I don’t know what the f*** happened,” claiming she acted in self-defense.

“I still took somebody’s life. The knife I used is in the sink — the cut on his neck is pretty brutal; when I put it in his neck he rolled over,” Graves explained.

According to the Daily Mail, the courtroom heard about Groves’ obsession with Fitzgerald’s “performance in the bedroom,” which involved bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. Her friend testified that Groves “watched enough murder documentaries” to understand that burying the body “in the back garden” wouldn’t work.

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