Meet the Ultimate Odd Couple: LGBTQ™s and Autistics

“An autistic, a trans, and an antifa walk into a [gay] bar…”

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes, and nowhere is that truer than within the hodgepodge Social Justice™ left.

I don’t have the time to conduct a proper quantitative analysis, but if you explore Twitter for yourself using the “LGBTQ,” “trans” “disabled,” “autistic,” “neurodivergent,” etc. search terms, or any combination thereof, you will discover a shocking overlap between the online autism community and the transes, especially among Gen Z social media users. Give it a whirl.

Other conditions commonly bundled in with the package include such self-identity as:

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  • ADHD or a combination of ADHD and autism called “AuDHD”
  • Communist
  • Antifa

To the extent that homosexuality occurs in nature (“transgenderism” as in the belief that one is the opposite gender does not), there is no plausible biological theory to explain why it would occur in tandem with autism. Yet that is exactly what appears to be the trend within these two seemingly unrelated subcultures on the American left.

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What’s going on here? Here are two possible explanations, not mutually exclusive:

  • “Trans,” more so than a sincere gender identity, and “autistic,” more so than a medical condition, have each become fashionable personal identities that subvert the white supremacist fascist boogeyman. Any identity that deviates from what is perceived to be the cishet, Christian, “neurotypical” (the term autistic activists use to refer to normies) white norm is a victory over White Supremacy™. Partly because of their socially conditioned “white guilt,” the liberal sheeple believe they can alchemically launder their white supremacy by transing themselves or going autistic — or both. Mental illness of various sorts has redemptive value.
  • It’s easier for ideologies to convince autistic people, particularly autistic youths, that they suffer from gender “dysmorphia” as an explanation of their mental and spiritual suffering/discomfort. This theory dovetails with a recent report indicating that no less than one-third of children referred to the defunct Tavistock clinic in the UK for gender transition were actually autistic, as reported in The Guardian.

Via Spectrum News:

People who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are three to six times as likely to be autistic as cisgender people are, according to the largest study yet to examine the connection. Gender-diverse people are also more likely to report autism traits and to suspect they have undiagnosed autism.

The relatively high suggestibility of autistic people is well-documented in the clinical literature, such that “individuals with ASD [autism spectrum disorder] might be more susceptible to suggestive and interrogative questioning styles than their typical counterparts.”

Combine that predisposition with the awesome power of social media, and you have a recipe for autistics, especially autistic children, to fall prey to the LGBTQ+++™ mind virus.

The phenomenon of social media-inspired mental illness has precedent — something that Harvard and other institutions have branded “sociogenic illness”:

The first known examples of social media-induced sociogenic illness were recognized in the last year or two, a time coinciding with the pandemic. Neurologists began seeing increasing numbers of patients, especially teenage girls, with unusual, involuntary movements and vocalizations reminiscent of Tourette syndrome. After ruling out other explanations, the tics in these teenagers seemed related to many hours spent watching TikTok videos of people who report having Tourette syndrome and other movement disorders.

As social media becomes more pervasive, and the culture splinters into more and more insular sub-cultures, we can expect more strange marriages of apparently disconnected identities.

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