‘Progressive’ Online Media Now Laments the Social Justice™ Monster They Birthed

Online self-described “progressive” (a nauseating term) media outlet The Young Turks — the MSNBC of the Internet — has recently turned on the Social Justice™ monster they created themselves.

“We’re all obsessed with race and our tribes,” Cenk Uygur, TYT CEO, explains in the context of the video above explaining the fallout from the now-infamous Scott Adams clip, in which he encouraged white people to “get the hell away from black people” as a result of polling that indicates nearly a majority of black don’t agree that “it’s okay to be white.”

“I’m so tired of it,” his sidekick, Ana Kasparian, chimes in — as if they don’t perpetuate anti-white racism on a daily basis.

TYT is forever on the lookout for the next act of White Supremacy™ to report on. When these people can’t find it, they latch on to a totally out-of-context video of ten-year-olds fighting in a locker room with no overt reference to race by any of the kids as proof that America is a racist country.

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And their audience eats it up.

This is an everyday occurrence on TYT. Everything is racist all the time, but only in one direction.

If you doubt it, try googling the search terms “young turks” + “racist” or “racism” and you’ll find literally thousands of videos — each and every one evidence of white people’s endless reservoir of racism and totally devoid of any criticism of any Person of Color™.

Indeed, according to the Social Justice™ ideology that TYT subscribes to, it’s actually impossible for Persons of Color™ to be racist.

Juxtapose the histrionic framing of a “brutal” fight between elementary school children in the video above with their framing of a truly vicious attack by a gang of blacks on a mentally handicapped white man while they scream anti-white racial slurs and cut his scalp open on a Facebook Livestream.

“Mentally Disabled Man Beaten and Tortured,” reads the headline — not mentioning the explicitly stated motivation for the crime or the identity of the attackers or victim.

Let’s play a little game: role reversal. What would the headline read in the same situation with the races of perpetrators and victims reversed?

Anyone who’s honest knows the answer: “White Supremacist Bigot MAGA Domestic Terrorists Kidnap and Torture Mentally Disabled Black Child.”

(Every black person, no matter the true age, suddenly becomes a child when TYT frames them as victims of racism – just to add that extra oomph to the outrage.)

The Young Turks did the same thing — pretending to oppose a movement they helped create — with “defund the police.”

First, in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd incident, when “defund the police” was trendy, they jumped on the bandwagon.

Then, when polling indicated it wasn’t popular and could cost Democrats the House and Senate going into the 2022 midterms, suddenly they started bashing the slogan. All of a sudden, Cenk Uygur was on the warpath against out-of-control Social Justice™ warriors who promoted such an outrageous goal.

It’s very dishonest.

People have opinions. That includes people who comment on the news for a living. Is it too much to expect them to have the moral courage to choose a position and stick to it? I think lots of unpopular things — like this treatise on Trump — and face the music because I believe them.

Instead, when Americans become preoccupied with race in a way they don’t approve of, they pretend like this obsession over race just spontaneously manifested out of thin air, rather than originating from years of racial demagoguing by them and their ideological kin.

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