‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #66: Trump’s Lame DeSantis Attacks Are Getting Really Old

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(Reminder: Every episode is now in the Unwoke section of our new podcast page. I’ll still be doing teaser blurb posts in Columns as reminders that new episodes are up.)

Before anyone becomes unhinged about the this episode’s title, please remember that both Kevin and I voted for Trump and will gladly do so again. It’s just getting a little weird at times for us lately.


Kevin is a super Trump fan, by the way. The first thing he says every day when he wakes up is “MAGA.” It’s OK to occasionally be critical of Trump. Politicians work for us, and it is perfectly normal to critique the employees.

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We also spend some time talking about the Alvin Bragg indictment circus. Kevin shares a righteous lesson on the Constitution regarding that.

During our closing segments we end up discussing some potential road plans for the “Unwoke” live comedy tour. SOON. We promise.


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