Viral video shows Georgia car flying 120 feet into the air after hitting tow-truck ramp

A driver found an unlikely ramp to ruin and significant airtime last week when speeding along Georgia’s Highway 38.

Lowndes County sheriff’s deputies and other first responders were dealing with a previous traffic accident and drug bust near Valdosta on May 24. Multiple law enforcement and emergency vehicles were crewed on one side of the grassy median. A tow truck idled on the far side of the median with its flat bed sloped.

At 11:26 a.m., a car speeding up the inside lane hit the tow truck’s flatbed, cleared the truck, and went flying.

WSB-TV reported that the car, which rolled as it advanced through the air, hit a cruising altitude of 120 feet.

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The sheriff’s deputy whose body camera caught it all on tape shouted, “G**damn,” as the driver unwittingly pulled off a feat some amateur daredevils might only have fantasized about.

The deputy also invoked “code 10-51” over the radio, which is a summons for another tow truck. After all, the apparent duchess of Hazzard behind the wheel — whom WGXA-TV indicated was a 21-year-old woman from Tallahassee, Florida — failed to stick the landing.

The car turned projectile reportedly crashed into the rear of another car, then traveled another 23 feet before coming to a halt.

Distracted Florida Driver Launches Car Off Tow Truck Ramp at High Speed on

“That is definitely not something we see every day as Georgia state troopers,” Lt. Crystal Zion told WGXA.

It is presently unclear whether the driver will face any charges.

“The crash is still under investigation,” said Zion. “But all we’re worried about is that she heals and that she gets better.”

The female driver survived the accident with serious injuries and is in stable condition.

Fox News Digital indicated that one LCSO deputy was also taken to local hospital after being struck by debris ejected during the accident. The deputy was released the same day.

Deputies told WAGA-TV that the accident demonstrated why the public should heed Georgia’s Move Over Law, which says, “motorists traveling in the lane adjacent to the shoulder must move over one lane when emergency and utility vehicles are stopped on the side of the highway and operating in an official capacity.”

“Move over. Slow down. Be careful,” stressed Zion. “Try to get rid of all the distractions. Anything that might keep you from getting home safely. Because in the end, that’s what we’re all aiming for, is for everyone to make it to their destination safely.”

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