AP Stands for ‘Associated Pride’ with One-Sided Pride Month Propaganda

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People use to reverse Associated Press as the gold standard for just-the-facts news. Today, it’s nowhere close to that. On Tuesday, they issued a barely disguised press release for the radical left, under the headline “LGBTQ+ Americans are under attack, Human Rights Campaign declares in state of emergency warning.

Reporter Hannah Schoenbaum — who touts the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in her Twitter bio — began: “The Human Rights Campaign declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the U.S. on Tuesday and released a guidebook pointing to laws it deems discriminatory in each state, along with ‘know your rights’ information and resources to help people relocate to states with stronger LGBTQ+ protections.”

HRC boss Kelley Robinson is the only person quoted in this article. There is no space for conservative dissent from this “state of emergency” baloney. It continued: 

A recent Associated Press analysis found that many bills seeking to ban or restrict gender-affirming health care for transgender youth, who have been the primary targets of state legislation this year, sprang not from grassroots or constituent demand, but from the pens of a few powerful conservative interest groups.

Just a few days into Pride Month, the campaign said it’s taking action in response to an “unprecedented and dangerous” spike in discriminatory legislation sweeping state houses this year, with more than 525 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced and more than 70 signed into law so far in 2023 — more than double last year’s number….

As many LGBTQ+ Americans are celebrating their identities this month against the backdrop of a dizzying array of new restrictions, some trans people and their families are scrambling to flee their home states. Others have suddenly found themselves without access to medical care many credit as life-saving, and are turning to often-dangerous “do-it-yourself” hormone treatments to avoid involuntarily reversing their physical transitions.

On Wednesday, AP followed up on this Dangerous Conservatives trend with a story titled “As conservatives target schools, LGBTQ+ kids and students of color feel less safe.” A trio of reporters began by touting Harmony Kennedy in Tennessee, who uttered the usual baloney about black history being “removed” and LGBTQ “banned.” They don’t fact-check the leftists at AP, they promote them: 

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“When I heard they were removing African American history, banning LGBTQ, I almost started crying,” said Harmony, 16. “We’re not doing anything to anybody. Why do they care what we personally prefer, or what we look like?”

They promoted a transgender student and a gay student with the same template, that conservatives are making children unsafe: “As conservative politicians and activists push for limits on discussions of race, gender and sexuality, some students say the measures targeting aspects of their identity have made them less welcome in American schools — the one place all kids are supposed to feel safe.” They also took this narrative to Twitter: 

As AP pushed the transgender agenda, it said at the bottom: “The Associated Press’ reporting around issues of race and ethnicity is supported in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education.” 

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