Globalist Left Plays Smash-Mouth: UK Banks Shut Down BREXIT Leader Nigel Farage’s Accounts – Without Explanation (VIDEO)


British BREXIT leader Nigel Farage announced on Friday that UK banks have shut down his accounts. And they did this without explanation.

Apparently, the communist-left in the UK is as fierce as their American counterparts!

Nigel Farage: I’ve been living with something for the last couple of months that may very well fundamentally affect my future career going on from here and whether I can even stay living in this country. I have been with the same banking group since 1980. I have my personal accounts with them since that date and my business accounts right through the 1990s when I worked in the city of London and in recent years too. One with one of the subsidiaries of this big banking group. One with a very prestigious name. But I want name them just yet.

I got a phone call months ago to say we are closing your accounts. I asked why, no reason was given. I was told a letter would come which would explain everything. The letter came through and simply said we are closing your accounts. We want to finish it all by a date which is a about now. I didn’t know what to make of it. I complained. I emailed the chairman. A lackey phoned me to say that it was a commercial decision which I have to say I didn’t believe per single moment. So, there we are. I have to go find a different bank. I’ve been to six, no seven banks actually. I asked them all could I have a personal and a business account and the answer has been ‘no’ in every single case. There is nothing irregular or unusual about what I do. The payments that go in and come out every month are pretty much the same. I maintain in my business account with a big positive cash balance which I guess with interest rates where they are is pretty good for the bank too. So why is this happening too me?

The globalist left does not even hide their communist affinity today.

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