Exposing Jack Smith’s web of CORRUPTION targeting Trump

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Judicial Watch is attempting to find out all the names on Jack Smith’s staff, and the Department of Justice is blocking them.

So, Mark Levin is doing what he can to help their cause.

Levin pulled together all the public information he could and has been able to piece together what he calls “a diabolical web of corruption with Jack Smith at the very center of it.”

“Let’s start at the top,” Levin says, as he rips into Merrick Garland.

Nominated to the Supreme Court by Obama, Garland, who didn’t get the position, was upset. He then was appointed to the position of attorney general by Biden.

Under him is the deputy attorney general, Lisa Monaco, who has held multiple positions in the Obama administration. Then comes her assistant, Marshall Miller.

“Now, the only reason he’s relevant for the purposes of this discussion — it was he who suggested to Monaco that the Attorney General Garland appoint Jack Smith as the special counsel,” Levin explains.

Miller and Smith had worked together for many years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn.

Smith had headed the public integrity section of the Criminal Division from 2010 to 2015, where he served in significant part under previous Attorney General Eric Holder.

Smith, Levin says, “oversaw the IRS targeting of the Tea Party” and “ultimately oversaw the unsuccessful attack on former governor Republican Bob McDonald, the unsuccessful attack on Bob Menendez, and he oversaw the abomination against John Edwards.”

While Levin isn’t a fan of Edwards, he says that “to twist the federal election laws in such a way as to apply them to his girlfriend and his out of wedlock child … is really ridiculous.”

Smith had also worked with FBI Director James Comey, as well as FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann.

Levin believes they brought Jack Smith back because “he’s a hitman.”

“You get the gist of what’s going on here?” Levin asks.

“Special Counsel is an appointment outside the Department of Justice to eliminate the appearance of, or the reality of a conflict,” he continues, adding, “It’s all a ruse, because it’s not separate from the Department of Justice. They’re even trying to hide who the staffers are. It’s the same people with all these ties to Democrats.”

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