Great: Monkey Virus SV40 Fragments Discovered in COVID Shots

For years now, the Public Health™ authorities have insisted that Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA shots are not, in fact, gene therapies. An endless series of corporate state media “fact checks” have purported to “debunk” this conspiracy theory — even though arguably the most central figure in the development of mRNA technology, Robert Malone, has said otherwise.

Countless dissident journalists and laypeople have had their social media accounts suspended for contradicting the official narrative. But recent evidence, by way of the heavily censored Joseph Mercola, vindicates the “conspiracy theorists” (again).

Via Epoch Times (emphasis added):

In the video [embedded below], Jessica Rose, who holds a doctorate in computational biology, interviews microbiologist Kevin McKernan on “Good Morning CHD.” McKernan’s team recently discovered1,2,3,4 simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s bivalent mRNA COVID shots. For decades, SV40 has been suspected of causing cancer in humans. As explained in the abstract, posted on OSF Preprints in April 2023.

I found this video informative for further discussion on the topic:

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From the April 2023 preprint of McKernan et al.’s report:

Several methods were deployed to assess the nucleic acid composition of four expired vials of the Moderna and Pfizer bivalent mRNA vaccines. Two vials from each vendor were evaluated … Multiple assays support DNA contamination that exceeds the European Medicines Agency (EMA) 330 ng/mg requirement and the FDA’s 10 ng/dose requirements.

SV40 promoters — portions of the SV40 viral DNA the researchers discovered in the shots that are not included in the official ingredients list — are well-documented to be likely carcinogens. Is it a coincidence, then, that we are experiencing a global explosion in cancer rates post-COVID?

Continuing via Epoch Times:

Equally—if not more—troubling, these DNA contaminants can also alter the human genome. As Mr. McKernan explains, genomic sequencing involves reading the letters of the genome, A, T, C, and G, which make up the DNA code. Both DNA and RNA can be sequenced in this manner.

DNA can be likened to a copy of the hard drive of your cell, while RNA is like your task manager, dictating the software program being run at a given moment. When you sequence RNA, you get a sense of what the cell is being instructed to do, while sequencing DNA tells you everything the cell could possibly do if the proper instructions are present.

Also for our VIPs: mRNA Vaccines May Be Worse Than We Thought

According to an Associated Press fact check, the article claims that “experts say [the claim that the shots are gene therapies and not vaccines] is false:”

The COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA to instruct cells to make a protein from the coronavirus and trigger an immune response. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses a modified adenovirus, a cold virus, to elicit an immune response.

But none of the vaccines can alter humans’ DNA.

Will the Associated Press have its social media accounts frozen? Will Pfizer and Moderna be investigated for lying about the ingredients in their shots?

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