COVID jabs linked to 2,500% increased risk of early onset dementia

dropped another bombshell pertaining to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” which he says are linked to a 2,500 percent increased risk of early onset dementia.

Kirsch spoke with a charge nurse at a rehabilitation and long-term elderly care facility who has worked in nursing for 32 years. She told him that she has never seen anything like what she is now seeing in terms of the sheer number of new dementia cases cropping up all around her.

Prior to COVID, the charge nurse would rarely see anyone suddenly exhibit dementia-like behaviors like sudden onset hallucinations for no apparent reason. At most, there would be two a year, but more than likely zero – until COVID.

Just in the last 12 months, the charge nurse has seen early onset dementia symptoms appear nearly 50 times, which represents a 25-fold increase in the dementia rate due to Operation Warp Speed.

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The death rate at elderly care facilities is also off the charts. In a normal July, there would be maybe seven deaths at the facility where the charge nurse works. This year, however, there were 150 deaths, which has made for an extra busy season at the local funeral home.

“It’s very noticeable by people who work at nursing homes, but most are not able to talk about it without losing their jobs,” Kirsch writes. “I finally found someone who will talk on video. Stay tuned.”

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2023 is already looking to have the most COVID jab-related deaths on record

Until then, keep in mind that individuals as young as 18 are now developing dementia symptoms. This was never the case prior to Operation Warp Speed, but now that COVID jabs are inside the bodies of hundreds of millions of Americans, dementia cases are soaring like never before in history.


“No other vaccine in the 33-year history of VAERS is doing anything close to this kind of damage,” Kirsch writes.

You may recall that Kirsch recently conducted his own survey on death rates at elderly care facilities and geriatric practices. He specifically designed the survey to look for COVID jab-related deaths, learning that each year since the unleashing of COVID-19 “vaccines,” the overall death rate has continued to increase.

So far, the year 2023 is looking like it will have the highest death rate on record, surpassing the death rate in 2022 and 2021, the latter year being the year in which most Americans got COVID injected.

“… the responses were that the deaths more than doubled each year in 2021, 2022, 2023 vs. the pre-COVID baseline with 2023 looking like the highest death rate on record,” Kirsch notes. “I didn’t find this surprising.”

Kirsch also included a comment section in his survey asking respondents for further details if they wanted to provide them. One in five respondents commented that they spontaneously noted a huge increase in dementia cases in their facility after the jabs were unleashed via Operation Warp Speed.

“In particular, the new cases were high but also the onset age was much lower than normal,” Kirsch explains.

“Because these reports were completely unprompted (there was no mention of dementia anywhere in the survey), I suspect this is happening in every nursing facility and people are just assuming ‘that’s odd’ and thinking it is just a coincidence and not giving it a second thought … Nope. No coincidence.”

In short, COVID jabs are destroying the minds of the elderly, and even the minds of some young people. And the culmination of what will ultimately become of the “fully vaccinated” has only just begun.

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