Compassion or Cash? Profiteering Off the Biden Border Crisis

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Leftists, both leadership and ordinary voters, love to pretend they support open borders out of their boundless beneficence and compassion. But even as the Biden border crisis becomes increasingly disastrous for America, evidence shows that many leftists profit politically or financially from it.

Democrats, of course, benefit from the border crisis in that they can bring in millions of new potential voters. This is especially beneficial if they can flood formerly red states—like my own state of Arizona, for instance, or Texas—with illegal migrants, changing the demographics and thus, potentially, the predominant political affiliation. But there are also too many people who seem to be making substantial amounts of money off the border crisis.

Of course, big corporations absolutely benefit from cheap illegal alien labor. That’s why big businessmen tend to be pro-open borders. For instance, in Nov. 2021, Bloomberg published this piece: “Short of Workers, U.S. Industry Is Eager for Borders to Reopen.” A former ICE official also recently raised the alarm on open-border policies fueling illegal child labor in America. But it’s not just big corporations that make money off illegal migration.

One recent news segment on NBC5 said that private shelter employees who care for illegal aliens in Chicago can make a whopping $135 to almost $200 an hour. I know that’s got to be a hard job, but $135-$200 an hour…?? For context, the minimum wage in Illinois is $13 an hour. NBC5 obtained records with the information about the entity running the sanctuary city’s shelters. PJ Media’s Rick Moran previously reported that Chicago has had about 14,000 “asylum seekers” pour in this year. The Democrat government of Chicago has already raised ire among its citizens, particularly black citizens, who rightly feel that the sanctuary city is taking resources away from residents to help illegal aliens.

One facility manager made $14,000 in one week in December, and one nurse made $20,000 in a single week. The above segment included Alderman Raymond Lopez calling the figures “disgusting” and “outrageous,” and calling for an “immediate investigation.” Meanwhile, Ald. Scott Waguespack admitted that they could not account for where all the federal funding is going. That’s ridiculous. Taxpayer money is being lavished on illegal aliens, and there isn’t even strict accounting as to what all the money is used for.

There are religious groups that benefit financially from the border crisis, too, most notably Catholic organizations. During a July event, Alliance for a Safe Texas founder and president Sheena Rodriguez—speaking as part of a coalition looking to defund leftist churches—called out Catholic “charitable” organizations and NGOs that facilitate the crisis of human trafficking and sexual exploitation among migrants heading toward the U.S. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) lobbied for almost $30 billion in taxpayer funds for fiscal year 2024 to help migrants, and Catholic charities and dioceses receive millions yearly for this purpose. It’s no wonder Catholic bishops and groups have worked against increased border security policies.

“What if I told you that there are non-governmental organizations or NGOs that facilitate and profit from a process using … taxpayer money, which places fellow human beings, including children, in vulnerable situations, where there is a high probability that they will be taken advantage of by vicious cartel and transnational organizations?” Rodriguez asked. That’s just what’s happening. As a Catholic, it is frustrating for me to see so many Catholic leaders more interested in political profiteering than in spreading the faith, but it certainly pays well.

Open borders are catastrophic for America, but there are too many people making money off the crisis to be interested in solving it.

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