Is Russia also behind Hamas’ brutal invasion?

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The atrocities inflicted upon Israel are heartbreaking, disturbing, and downright terrifying.

Glenn Beck invites bestselling author Jack Carr to the show to discuss the why behind Hamas’ sudden brutal attack.

“The question is why now.” says Jack. “Hamas, and really by proxy Iran and possibly Russia, chose the time and the place of this engagement, so that’s the question geopolitically — why right now?”

Jack thinks the answer is that “Israel is so divided” due to “issues with their judicial and executive branch.”

Further, the “U.S. is very weak,” and the rest of the world can “see the billions of dollars going to the Ukraine, see the division here, see our leader in the White House — so there’s a lot on the table just with those things,” he tells Glenn.

“Then we have this U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia just on the brink of … a trilateral type of agreement that deals with oil — increasing production, decreasing price, and a defense pack” that potentially “includes defense by nuclear weapons … possibly making Saudi Arabia the first nuclear power in the Middle East aside from Israel,” he continues.

“On the other side, you have Iran, Russia, and China. And China is Iran’s largest trading partner … so it is in China’s interest and Russia’s interest to have Iran as the dominant nuclear power in the region. … What this Hamas incursion does really is just delays possibly this agreement,” explains Jack.

“Where would they be getting the nuke?” asks Glenn.

“Well, from the United States,” answers Jack. “Netanyahu actually says that that’s a possibility on the table.”

“Nuclear supremacy in the Middle East is what’s on the table here,” he says. “What’s happening behind closed doors there is that the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia are going to lead the way with this trilateral agreement to really change the face of the Middle East going forward.”

“Iran doesn’t want that … Russia doesn’t want that, [and] of course, China doesn’t want that,” he adds.

“If Iran was behind this, is Russia behind this?” asks Glenn.

“It’s fairly safe to conclude that that is a very strong possibility,” says Jack, adding that Russia could easily “use Hamas … Hezbollah … [and] these different proxy terrorist organizations and really manipulate them to get what [they] want.”

To hear the full conversation, watch the clip below.

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