Merrick Garland Won’t Call Antifa Attacks on Federal Buildings Domestic Terrorism. His Reason Is Absurd

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Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general gave another reason to oppose his nomination on Monday during questioning from Senator Josh Hawley.

During his testimony, Garland said that domestic terrorism in America today is “more dangerous” than at the time of the 1996 Oklahoma City bombing, and pledged to continue the investigation in the January 6 Capitol riot wherever it takes him, including “aiders and abettors who were not present on January 6.” To elaborate on his position on domestic terrorism, Senator Hawley asked Garland whether he considered antifa assaults on federal property, like courthouses and other federal buildings in (for example) Seattle and Portland, where antifa and BLM rioted in the summer of 2020.

“An attack on a courthouse while in operation — trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases—that plainly is domestic uh uh um um uh uh extremism uh uh um um uh uh um domestic terrorism,” Garland explained before adding the following caveat: “An attack simply on government property at night, or under any other kind of circumstances, is a clear crime and a serious one, and should be punished.”

“I don’t mean—I don’t know enough of the facts of the example you were talking about,” Garland told Hawley. Apparently, Garland slept through the summer of 2020.

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“But, that’s where I draw the line,” Garland continued. “One is, uh, both are criminal, um uh uh, but one is, uh, a core attack on our democratic institutions.”

So, based on this reasoning, antifa isn’t guilty of domestic terrorism because they chose to commit their violence under the cover of night, when the federal courthouses and buildings they attacked were not open for business.

What kind of explanation is that? What’s the difference does it make when you attack a federal building?  As Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire explained on Twitter, “One might argue that attempting to burn down a federal building at night is an attempt to interrupt its normal functioning during the day.”


Merrick Garland’s insistence on making this distinction to protect antifa and/or BLM rioters is disturbing. Aren’t you even more glad he never got on the Supreme Court?


Matt Margolis is the author of Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter, GabFacebookMeWeHeroesRumble, and CloutHub.

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    1. We are watching the Destruction of America by the Party of Liars! They are making the First and Second Amendments IRRELEVANT. Look around and you will see that Our Free Speech and Our Right to Defend Ourselves are being taken away! This has been their PLAN all along.

      All Three Branches of this Government have been Corrupted. Just look at the Ethically Bankrupt Hacks that are now in power. Look at the subversives that are being nominated for Key Positions!

      Why do you think they are trying to do everything and anything to make sure Our President Donald J. Trump never returns to the White House? Many if not all Democrat Politicians and their Useful Idiots in Every Part of this government is involved in Criminal Activities……the Last Election was a Prime Example.

      Tell me that they are NOT using the Pandemic to destroy are Economy by keeping Businesses Closed that is just Part of their Plan.

      Wake up before America becomes Venezuela.

  1. it will be ok though. at least 20 repubs will vote to confirm this asshat. i will never understand it. at least with dems they are disaplined. everyone of them will vote no against a repub nominee no matter how qualified he is. but repubs, it doesnt matter how unqualified a dem nominee is, most will vote for them just because he was nominated.if they would show solidarity against these idiots like the dems do we might not get as many of these asshats in positions of power to wreck our country. repubs start voting on qualifications and not just going along to get along.

    1. I can only think of two reasons, either because Repubs are a part of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” or because they lack confidence (aka cowards) so they are always groveling to the Dems for acceptance.

    2. Exactly. Dems are disciplined, Republicans are not. That is the problem. We have RINOs, I’ve never heard of DINOs.

  2. I did not realize how effective and for how long the dumbing down of he US School System has been.This guy is pretty old for being so stupid. However we also have Mitch and Nancy to confirm that total stupidity has been around for a long long time.

    The really good news is that on an individual state basis these people are well liked by their constituents. So we have to ask ourselves who are the stupid people who keep believing the other guy is putting a stupid person in office. When they go to Washington they are like Slough which is dead skin of a snake. Can anyone tell me why we continue to put dead snakes in office?

  3. Going along with this idiot’s (who almost got onto our Supreme court) thinking…All the protesters who want to storm the Justice Dept building, in the future, need to do is to make sure they do it after business hours…just sayin’

  4. After hearing Garland, I thank God that hearings to appoint him to the Supreme Court, didn’t proceed. The man is just another one of Osama Obama’s lemmings. A real nut case.

  5. Garland appears to be “under-qualified”, at best.
    He should be dismissed with prejudice.

    michael zitterman

  6. Garland is a liar. By definition, BLM and Antifa are terrorists—they are groups who use violence as intimidation to advance a political agenda, regardless of who, what or when they attack. Even by Garlands narrow declaration, people on the Left have attacked police stations and federal buildings, like ICE, that are still occupied, while they’ve tried to burn people out.

    Just as bad is that democrat politicians support groups like BLM, who promote an openly Marxist agenda, naming streets and plazas after them, while contributing millions of dollars that help advance their Marxist agenda. This is also sedition, as described by 14th Amendment, section 3, of the Constitution—which specifically prohibits any public official from aiding any person or group advocating rebellion against the US government.

    From the USSC, to the Hart Senate building, and state capitols, Democrats have attacked occupied state and federal buildings, especially during the Kavanaugh hearing when they tried to intimidate senators into voting against confirmation. This isn’t even close to what happened on Jan 6, since most Republicans did NOT support the people or actions at the Capitol, regardless of who they were. It’s also contradicts the claim that white supremacy and racism is growing and an existential threat.

  7. Tell that to the other businesses, and properties destroyed during this past year of riots. What a smug, arrogant idiot. It doesn’t matter to him that there were people in those buildings when the rioting was going on. This is the poorest excuse for an AG I’ve ever heard.

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