Fact-Checked Democrats Forced to Move Goalposts on Georgia Voting Law

Protesters against HB 531 gather outside of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Ga., March 4, 2021. (Dustin Chambers/Reuters)

Even media liberals have taken notice of the ‘voter-suppression’ lie. So of course, the playbook is changing.


good sign that someone is losing an argument is when they have to continually change the focus of their criticism. An even better sign is when they are reduced to impugning the motives of their opponents as a substitute for showing that their opponents are actually doing something bad.

We started off with “Jim Crow on steroids” hype about the Georgia election law, a shameful insult to black Americans who lived through real segregation and oppression. The proponents of this theme know it to be false, as their behavior makes clear. Indeed, many Democrats are openly salivating at the

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