Dear MSM: Enough of the ‘Liz Cheney 2024’ Nonsense, Already

One of the more enduring — and annoying — aspects of the mainstream media Bizarroworld is the way its inhabitants will embrace any Republican who is willing to verbally defecate on other Republicans. This was true long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene and broke so many hacks, and it’s been even more true since.

Liz Cheney — along with her chambermaid Adam Kinzinger — has been the Belle of the Turncoat Grifter ball ever since she decided to become the Republican face of the J6 House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues.

I’m writing this column hours before the polls close for the GOP primary in Wyoming. The consensus is that she’ll be given her marching orders from Congress by the fine Republican voters of the Equality State, but one never knows anymore. In April, I referred to Cheney as “a bad chest cold” that just won’t go away. Even if she is handed an electoral butt-whupping, Lizzie assures us that I will be proven right.


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Tuesday’s Wyoming congressional primary may end Rep. Liz Cheney’s career in Congress, with the expectation by pollsters and strategists that she will be beaten by challenger Harriet Hageman, but she suggested she’s just getting started.

Today is “certainly the beginning of a battle that is going to continue to go on. And as a country, we’re facing a moment where our democracy really is under attack and under threat,” Cheney told CBS News’ Robert Costa, soon after she had voted in Jackson, Wyo.

This is rich coming from the woman who engages in wholesale Congressional election tampering in order to keep one man off the ballot in 2024 simply because he hurts her pathetic feelings.

Like all of the Republicans who’ve traveled this path before — Mitt Romney and John McCain come to mind — our girl Liz is drunk on the Kool-Aid that her Democratic overlords have been giving her. In the minds of the mainstream media, the best way to counter the potential horror of the J6 kangaroo court failing to keep Trump off the ballot would be an independent run by the Great White Wyoming Hope, Elizabeth Cheney. I honestly can’t count how many stories like this I’ve read just in the last month alone.

The theory is that Cheney would pull a significant number of Republican voters “away” from Trump, thus preventing him from returning to the White House. They truly believe that there are millions of Republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump and go back to losing (fair) presidential elections.

You know, like Mitt Romney and John McCain.

This theory ignores so much reality that one wonders if every leftist media hack in America isn’t participating in some sort of mass concussion.

One of my favorite things about polarizing figures like Trump is that they don’t leave a lot of people sitting on the fence. The alleged Republicans who aren’t going to vote for Trump in 2024 are the same as in 2020: Lizzie gal and GOP Bush remnants, along with the poopy diaper kids from the Bulwark and the Lincoln Project. What are they going to do: super-duper not vote for him?

There is no great GOP silent majority just waiting for a milquetoast squish alternative to Trump. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that if faced with AOC, Mayor Pete, or Kamala Harris on the ballot that millions of Republicans are going to think, “Hmmm…better that than mean tweets.”

We should also remember that the disgruntled GOPers who would get behind a Cheney run are the same ones who were behind the Great Evan McMullin Gambit of 2016.

And the media lefties who keep writing about a Liz Cheney run were seriously crowning felon Michael Avenatti King of the Democrats just a little over two years ago.

No matter what happens in Wyoming on Tuesday night, Liz Cheney isn’t going to be anyone’s game-changer in 2024.

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