Naïve J.K. Rowling Offers Fig Leaf to LGBTQ+++™ Cult, Fails

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One must know one’s enemy, as Sun Tzu advised.

But, for all of her courage (and it does take courage to stand up to one’s own base of support), it must be remembered that, at the end of the day, Rowling is an intersectional feminist leftist who merely has a semantical quibble with her ideological comrades. She is not constitutionally endowed to fully rebuke them.

So she exists now in a sort of Social Justice™ purgatory, naïvely believing that there is something she could say or do to wriggle her way back into their good graces.

There isn’t. The Social Justice™ will never forgive her. It wants blood. It needs to feed. It’s not in the business of welcoming sinners back into the fold; it’s in the business of dominating and consuming.

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For the unforgivable crime of insisting on calling front-hole bio-women “women,” Rowling has been made to suffer. Her life’s work, Harry Potter, has been ripped away. The Tweets that started it all:

“It isn’t hate to speak the truth,” Rowling once said.

But, to these people, the truth is hate.

She still apparently fails to understand the nature of the Social Justice™ beast, believing it can be reasoned with or is capable of grace or literally any noble virtue.

Now, Rowling — even after transgender activists doxed and death-threatened her over and over — is back in the news cycle in an ill-fated attempt at reconciliation.

Via the L.A. Times:

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, nearly three years after publishing a series of tweets that was widely considered transphobic, is stating in a new podcast that she “never set out to upset anyone.”

“What has interested me in recent years, particularly on social media,” Rowling said in the trailer for the podcast, which debuts Feb. 21, “is when fans say, ‘You’ve ruined your legacy. Oh, you could have been beloved forever, but you chose to say this.’ And I think: ‘You could not have misunderstood me more profoundly.’”

It’s unclear what Rowling is thinking exactly (we’ll have to wait for the WEF brain chips and the singularity to know for certain), but by all appearances, she believes that some beautiful coming-together moment of unconditional love and understanding and goodwill is possible. How she could believe this — given the hate she’s been subjected to for merely suggesting that biological sex exists — is perplexing.

It’s like trying to talk a jihadist out of suicide-bombing a bus in the pursuit of 72 virgins using appeals to reason; it won’t ever work because he has a religious conviction. No amount of self-flagellation or rhetorical concessions will ever suffice. Reform and unity aren’t the point; subjugation and ritualized hate are. The Social Justice™ mob has found its favorite target for vitriol, and it’s not going to relinquish it just because she says she’s sorry or whatever.

If Rowling wants salvation, she should see a priest. She won’t find any where she’s been looking.

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