L.A. County Health Director Makes Troubling Statement About Mask Mandate As COVID Cases Increase

It should be obvious to anyone with a pulse, but in case you’re one of those individuals who has been trying to avoid social media and the relentless 24-hour news cycle for the sake of your mental health, radical progressives are attempting to resurrect mask and vaccine mandates in the wake of an uptick in new COVID-19 cases across the country.

This isn’t surprising at all; we knew they’d try it again. It’s a brand-new presidential election cycle after all. If you’re shocked that liberals are doing all they can to bring back the pandemic, you weren’t paying attention the first time around.

Why would they be trying to do such a thing? One word: Trump. They are terrified of the man and will stoop to any low possible in order to ensure he doesn’t get another four years in the Oval Office. Progressives have been trying to do this with the four indictments they’ve brought against him, but in case those don’t pan out, how about some good old-fashioned election shenanigans facilitated by lockdowns, mask mandates, and calls for mail-in ballots?

Anyway, I said all of that to set up a story from The Blaze that discusses how the health director for Los Angeles County in the lovely progressive cesspool of California recently stated that the term “ever” is not one she is willing to toss out there concerning mask mandates in the future, going on to state that while masking up is not currently a requirement for folks, it’s up to individual people as the cases trend upward.

As long as masking stays voluntary, I don’t think anyone is going to have a problem. Cases are going up, so if you want to strap a diaper on your face, feel free to do so, but you don’t have to. It’s a hard pass for me, though, and we move on with our lives. This is the proper way to handle this situation.

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What’s hilarious is that as Barbara Ferrer, the director in question, gave her comments about masking during a press briefing, she was sporting one.

“[If] there’s a lot of spread or a potential for a lot of spread, masks are generally required,” Ferrer explained during the briefing. “I would say because we’ve had many more outbreaks at other periods of time — a higher number of outbreaks — those have been times where many more places have been told that their employees have to mask.”

“I will say [masking is] a reasonable request, it usually lasts until we close the outbreak in general, 14-21 days out we stop seeing cases,” she continued.

Where have we heard that one before? Sorry, but I simply don’t believe any government official who makes this claim after what happened during the first pandemic. The left is dying to usurp more power from the American people, and a country-wide state of emergency helped them do that in 2020. Let’s not get fooled again. That’s what this is all really about.

The Blaze then stated that a reporter attending the briefing asked the health director about mandating kids to wear the oh-so-stylish face diaper during school hours.

“At this point, when should people wear masks in schools, and is it ever mandatory?” the reporter went on to ask Ferrer.

“‘Ever’ is not a word I’m comfortable with,” Ferrer responded. “Everyone knows that I think by now that there’s no place with that level of certainty with this pandemic.”

What do you mean “this pandemic?” We’re not still in a pandemic. That officially came to an end. Even Biden stated that, albeit way after the rest of the nation moved on, but still, we’re not currently in a pandemic. Was this a slip of the tongue, or is there a plot to do Pandemic 2.0? It might be time to whip out the tin foil hats, folks.

“We are in a space where people assess their own risk or the risk of their family members,” the health director said, continuing her response to the reporter’s question.

Here’s a bit more from The Blaze:

According to public health data, Los Angeles County is averaging 571 COVID-19 cases per week and one death.

Since February 2022, more than half of all hospitalized COVID cases in Los Angeles County have been discovered by “incidental” detection, meaning the patient came to the hospital for a different reason.

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