Andrew Schulz mocks comedian Hasan Minhaj for lying about racism — compares him to Jussie Smollett

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Comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh took turns questioning the motives of comic Hasan Minhaj, who was recently exposed for lying about stories of alleged racism and even falsely including Jared Kushner in the premise of his jokes.

On the “Flagrant” podcast, Singh recalled that Minhaj had casually told him a story once that turned out to be focal point of his Netflix special “Homecoming King.”

However, as the New Yorker revealed, Minhaj’s story about a white girl opting to go to prom with a white boy instead of him, an “Asian-American and Muslim American,” wasn’t actually true. The girl in question explained that she never accepted Minhaj’s date request, and her parents did not have racist feelings toward him as he asserted.

“I remember when he said what her parents said to him, ‘it’s just not a good fit,’ and then I remember being like, okay, well, your parents would say the exact same thing, it’s just not a good fit,” Singh explained. “This is what both your parents would say, your parents would be like ‘the f**k [are] you thinking man? This is not a good fit. She’s not the same country, not the same race, not the same faith, what’s going on, that’s not a good fit!'”

Schulz criticized Minhaj, who claimed that while he wasn’t telling the factual truth, he was being “emotionally true.”

“Usually we [lie] to make things funnier, not make things more racist or sad or emotional,” Schulz said. “It’s not like he’s been using these exaggerations or hyperbole as punch lines. He was using them to make the audience feel worse about him. And it turns out these things didn’t actually happen.”

“Plenty of us exaggerate things in our jokes,” Schulz added. “We change these things to make parts of the joke funnier. It’s Jussie Smollett when you’re lying about victimization.”

Minhaj had also claimed he saw Jared Kushner sit in a seat reserved for a murdered journalist while in Saudi Arabia. However, not only was there was no ceremonial seat set aside, the event happened at least a month before the journalist was murdered. Minhaj explained this as another “emotional truth.”

“He got to do the [White House Correspondents’ Dinner] off of lies, that’s crazy!” Schulz later remarked. “There was just a shot at Jared [Kushner] for no reason.”

“The lie there wasn’t to be funny, it was to make himself a hero,” Singh added. “A lot of the other lies … [are to] push a political agenda, for lack of a better way to say it,” Singh said.

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