WEF Technocrat Yuval Noah Harari Defends… Democracy?

If you’ve been paying attention to the nascent multinational corporate technocracy and its various machinations, you are likely familiar with one Yuval Noah Harari, a self-described “futurist” and right-hand man to World Economic Forum (WEF) don Klaus Shwab.

As I have reported at PJ Media and elsewhere, Harari is the effeminate WEF capo who attempted, among numerous other sordid activities, to extort $2 trillion from national governments under the guise of fighting something called “climate change.”

He’s the man who declares out loud that the WEF-led global technocracy “just doesn’t need the vast majority of the population” because technology will displace human labor and therefore humans’ usefulness:

[In the early 21st century] we just don’t need the vast majority of the population because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.

His boss, Klaus Schwab, enthusiastically brags about “penetrating the cabinets” of nation-state executive branches in order to install WEF puppets, including most notably Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

The WEF wants to end private car ownership. It wants to force the peasants to eat factory-farmed bugs for sustenance.

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And it wants to achieve all of this through thoroughly undemocratic means; no one elected any WEF technocrat. They have no legitimately derived authority to make decisions on behalf of populations that can’t unelect them.

How strange is it, then, that Harari himself has taken to the airwaves to defend, in the context of the internal Israeli political conflict over judicial authority, democracy? (emphasis added):

To understand what is happening in Israel, you need to ask just one question: what limits the power of the government? In the USA, there is an entire system of checks and balances. In Israel, we have no constitution, no senate, no federal structure and no other check on the power of the central government except for one – the Supreme Court. Now, the government is trying to gain control of the Supreme Court. If it succeeds, there will be no mechanism that limits its power.

Coalition members have already proposed numerous laws and regulations that discriminate against Muslims, Christians, women, LGBTQ people, and secular people.

They are only waiting to take control of the Supreme Court and then they could unleash this dictatorial flood. Also, with the Supreme Court neutralised, the government could easily rig the election for example by denying Arab citizens voting rights or by closing down all independent media outlets.

Harari echoed the same talking points in a podcast with Lex Friedman earlier this month.

If all of this speculative tyranny on Harari’s part sounds familiar, it should: it’s essentially the sort of despotism the WEF — in collusion with compromised national governments and corporate state media — has unleashed on the world, most especially in the context of COVID.

This sudden pearl-clutching over “democracy” is very confusing and most unexpected from the likes of Harari.

Is he autistic?

Is he a shameless propagandist with no desire or compulsion for introspection?

Is he playing some unseen angle with all the pro-democracy rhetoric?

There is, of course, legitimate dispute over whether the judicial reforms inside of Israel are actually anti-democratic or pro-democratic. But, taking Harari’s professed concern over the threat to democracy at face value, one would be forgiven for coming away with the impression — were they only to see his commentary in a vacuum — that he is a common-sense guy who understands the dangers of ill-gotten, highly concentrated power in the hands of a tiny elite.

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