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Hunter Biden just might be the most irresponsible criminal of all time, and he isn’t trying to hide it.

Leaving his laptop at a computer repair shop is among one of the self-defeating things he’s done, giving America all sorts of insights into what he — and his father — have been up to.

“You can say, ‘Oh, well, Joe Biden didn’t know any of this,’ but you can’t say there’s no evidence,” Stu Burgiere says.

And even the Washington Post is airing the receipts.

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The Post brought attention to a contentious debate during which Joe Biden claimed his son made no money in China. The outlet then mentioned that in court last week, Hunter said he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chinese business deals.

Then, the House GOP released bank records of the payments Hunter Biden received from Russian oligarchs and others, and the total cleared was $20 million.

Stu recalls that the response by the left and the media was to say something along the lines of, “They showed $20 million being transferred to all sorts of members of the Biden family, but not directly to Joe. Where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence of the transfer to Joe?”

“First of all, are we children here? The guy’s vice president of the United States,” Stu continues. “He’s not going to get a Venmo from some Russian oligarch. That’s not how this works.”

Stu notes that while the media seems willing to sweep any foreign business dealings by the Biden Crime Family under the rug, they spent nearly all their airtime trying to take down Trump for supposedly colluding with Russia.

“This is the same media that spent years and years and years and years on Russia, with every little development every day being ‘the walls are closing in and evidence has finally come to prove all our accusations against Donald Trump,’ and that evidence never showed up,” Stu adds.

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